Upclose Magazine: Pam Shockey

Anne and Chad Richardson's Story

Anne and Chad Richardson met Keller Williams Southwest (KWSW) agent Pam Shockey almost 15 years ago. Anne says, “When we were ready to sell our first home in Sienna, Pam was selling the home a couple houses down from us. We were friends with the sellers, and they highly recommended Pam. Since then, Pam has watched our family grow and expand.”

“We’ve always gone back to Pam for real estate needs because Pam makes it easy,” continues Anne. “As we welcomed our two children, Charlotte and Chase, to our family, we worked with Pam to buy and sell our second home in Sienna. She then helped us purchase our third home in Sienna… and at that time we said, ‘This is it!’”


Anne calls Pam a fixture in the Sienna community. She says, “I see Pam almost daily driving down Sienna Parkway and I often run into her at the grocery store. What I love is that this isn’t a business relationship; Pam is more like family. When I see her at HEB, it’s never a quick, ‘Hello.’ It’s meaningful dialogue. Pam asks about my family, and I’ve come to know her children too. We share the same values including hard work, integrity, loyalty, faith and family. We’ve run the gamut with Pam. We’ve sold homes, we’ve purchased established homes, and most recently Pam helped us with a new build. We thought our third home was our forever home… but I ran into Pam at HEB and this new build was a deal we just couldn’t pass up.”


Pam has been in the business for more than 20 years and most of her experience is Sienna focused. “Pam’s knowledge of Sienna Plantation is invaluable,” says Anne. “I always say if I were stuck on an island and could pick one teammate, I would pick Pam. She’s no nonsense, well-informed and resourceful. She gets the job done, and she’s a real asset to this community. When I was looking to get back into the workforce, I went to Pam for advice on marketing and networking. I had actually forgotten that Pam was the President of the Sienna Business Network when I sought her advice! And in true Pam fashion, she helped me in any way she could. I would recommend Pam to anyone!”

by Amy Sharp, Upclose Magazine

Featuring: Pam Shockey

KWSW Agent


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